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NCC Bornholm


500 t/h

Capacity: 500t/h
Customer: NCC Roads A/S
Location: Rönne, Bornholm
Material: Aggregates


Transport of aggregates from pit to existing silo.

A fixed receiving hopper is emptied by vibrating feeder on subsequent belt, which in turn conveys the material to a stacker that places the material on stockpile. The stacker is designed with a mast construction which allows a large overhang measured from final support point.

A ground tunnel is located at the bottom of the buffer stock which can be emptied automatically by means of two roof-mounted vibrating feeders. A partially roof-mounted conveyor conveys the material onward out of the tunnel to subsequent conveyor which conveys the material to existing silo that constitutes the delivery boundary.

There is a large height difference between loading point and unloading point, which places high requirements on design and optimisation in order to meet local topographic conditions in this project.

Scope of delivery

  • Receiving hopper: Fixed beside subsequent conveyor, volume: 18m3, capacity: 500t/h
  • Conveyor belt from pit: 48m, belt width: 1000mm, capacity: 500t/h
  • Stacker: 50m, fixed with suspension via mast, 16m overhang from final support point. Belt width: 1000mm, capacity: 500t/h
  • Tunnel: Hot-dip galvanised tubular bridge with 2 penetrations in the roof, mounted on site in sections. Length: 22.88m, interior height: 2755mm
  • Type: ViaCon, VT4
  • Tunnel belt: 49.2m, belt width: 800mm, capacity: 300t/h
  • Belt conveyor: 187.87m, belt to process, belt width: 800mm, capacity: 300t/h


Med en årlig produktion på 101 miljoner ton per år (2020) är bergmaterial Sveriges största industriprodukt. Som leverantör av material till vägar, asfalt och betong är bergmaterialindustrin helt enkelt oumbärlig för infrastrukturen i vårt land. Det är denna industri som använder en stor del av de över 19 000 bandtransportörer vi levererat till olika platser runtom i världen de senaste 60 åren.