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Waggeryd Cell


450-500 m³/h

Sector: Forest, paper and pulp
Customer: Waggeryd Cell
Location: Vaggeryd
Material: Pulp chips


Receiving wood chips for onward transport to existing buffer stock.

A 24m long tipping hopper receives the wood chips from side-tipping lorries with trailer. The material is fed out of the hopper, first by means of bar feeder which feeds the material towards the middle of the hopper, where rotating spike roller evens out the flow before the material is finally fed out of the hopper with a screw conveyor. After the tipping hopper, the material is lifted vertically 20m with a bucket elevator before it is transported onward on a belt conveyor to the middle of the buffer stock. Here, a mobile reversible belt conveyor takes over and distributes the material in the buffer stock’s longitudinal direction and below this belt conveyor there is a mobile screw conveyor that distributes the material in the buffer stock’s transverse direction. This screw conveyor can serve both output ends of the reversible belt conveyor. The delivery also included the elevator tower as well as modification of the buffer stock’s roof construction.

Scope of delivery

  • Tipping hopper with bar feeder: Dimensions 24mx5mx4m. Effective volume: 360m³, capacity: 450m³/h 4+4 x ”ladders” 1.25m x12m connected together in longitudinally
  • Spike rollers: 2 x length 5m, diameter 600mm
  • Screw Conveyor: Length 7m, diameter 700mm, capacity: 450m³/h
  • Bucket elevator: Height 20m, capacity: 450m³/h
  • Elevator tower: Clad steel construction including stairs and landing/service level
  • Belt conveyor: Length 41m, belt width 800mm, capacity: 450m³/h
  • Belt conveyor: Length 26m, belt width 800mm, mobile and reversible in a 55m long lattice framework with rails, capacity: 450m³/h
  • Screw Conveyor: Length 12m, diameter 630mm, mobile along 55m long beams, capacity: 450m³/h
  • Buffer stock: Modification of existing buffer stock. Existing roof beams are reinforced for additional loads from new installations.

Forest, paper and pulp

The forestry industry is technology- and knowledge-intensive, and it places high demands on equipment and plants. We design transport systems for handling wood shavings, peat, wood, bark and wood chips, often with associated conveyor bridges. The systems often also include mobile equipment for unloading to stockpiles.

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