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Tranås Cementgjuteri


XX m³/h

Capacity: XX
Customer: Tranås Cementgjuteri
Location: Tranås
Material: Sand


Receiving, storage and dosing of sand for cement production. Plant consisting of ground hopper for tipping by lorry, hauling to 6 x silos adapted for different fractions as well as output system with weighing system for precise dosing.

Functional description filling silo:
Driver presses delivered fraction and start button. Mobile conveyor positions itself on top of silo, long belt and feeder starts. Driver receives signal, unloading permitted. When feed hopper is emptied, driver presses stop. The conveyors are run empty. Ground hopper lid closes.

If, for example, sand silo no. 1 is selected and the silo is already full, info (silo full) is shown on the display in cabinet and conveyors do not start. If one of the safety switches is locked for, for example, service of the plant, or alternatively an emergency stop is tripped, no machines start. Error code is shown in the display. When silo is full, feeder stops and the belt is emptied. Silo full is shown in display.

Functional description discharge of batch:
When weighing from silo 1 (closest shuttle conveyor), feeder starts at the same time as weighing belt, which reverses with belt speed 0.05m/s. When weighed amount is measured, feeder stops and weighing belt awaits shuttle conveyor in loading position. When shuttle conveyor is in place, weighing belt starts with 1.2 m/s and loading of shuttle conveyor takes place. If the batch contains material from further silos, everything goes through an additional cycle. With withdrawal from silo 3 to 6, there is no reversal of weighing belt.

Scope of delivery

  • Receiving hopper: Ground hopper with grate and retractable weather protection
  • Belt feeder below hopper: Capacity 250 t/h
  • Hauling and reversible mobile distributor belt: 52m, capacity 250 t/h
  • Silos: 6 x fully welded sheet metal silos incl. fluidisation 85 m3/unit
  • Belt feeder: 6 x belt feeders length 1.6 metres with capacity 15 t/h
  • Weighing belt: 19m receiving belt suspended on weigher with capacity 150 t/h