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Optibag Kalmar


10-60 t/h

Sector: Recycling
Customer: Optibag
Location: Kalmar
Material: Waste


Receiving household waste divided through source separation into green bag for food waste and blue bag for plastic waste.

The garbage is delivered by garbage truck to the plant where it is tipped into receiving hopper. The hopper’s push floor transports the garbage to a slat conveyor for lifting up to sorting level in the plant. After the slat conveyor, the material is roughly sorted via a sieve so that only bags proceed onward to the optical sorting. The sorting takes place by means of a mechanical sorter that optically reads the colour of the bag that passes by it. Sorter set for green sorts food waste and sorter set for blue sorts plastic waste. The plant delivers food waste in lorry containers for onward transportation to gas production and sorted plastic goes to a compressor station for onward transportation to recycling of plastic. All sorted material that cannot be linked to green or blue bags is transported for incineration in existing incinerator.

Scope of delivery

  • one slat
  • 3 sorting conveyors
  • approx. 12 process conveyors


The modular and flexible belt conveyor concept is easy to adapt for recycling handling. For example, our solutions can combine simplicity and low weight, at the same time as they are reliable and can handle material of a highly varied character.

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