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LKAB Kiruna


800 t/h

Capacity: 800t/h
Customer: LKAB KA3
Location: Kiruna
Material: Iron ore


KA3, Kiruna Enrichment Plant 3, receives iron ore from the Sorting Plant for further enrichment i.e. grinding and washing of the ore into what is called slurry. This is before the slurry is delivered onward to KK4, Kiruna pelletising plant 4, for manufacture of the actual end product of iron ore pellets.

The incoming material consists of different fractions such as mill pebbles, ore fines, additive mm.

The conveyors supply the different logistics chains.

Scope of delivery

  • 19 x belt conveyors, total length approx. 1500m
  • 12 x belt feeders, total length approx. 100m
  • 16 x hydraulic hatches incl. hydraulic unit
  • 1 x belt feeder incl. tractor hopper with lid
  • Reconstruction in existing enrichment works KA2
  • hydraulic unit

Mines and the steel industry

Global production of raw steel – which drives demand for iron ore – has increased substantially in the last decade. The mining and steel industries place very high requirements on operational reliability. One of the conditions for effective production is a reliable logistics operation. Like, for example, one of our qualified, high-capacity solutions for transport and handling.

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