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Vertical conveyors

A vertical conveyor, or Flexowell conveyor as it is sometimes called, is a kind of conveyor that is used to transport material both horizontally and vertically without transshipment. We design, manufacture and assemble vertical conveyors according to your needs.

A vertical conveyor consists of a unique belt design with a transversely stable belt that we equip with different types of edges and flanges, which are adapted to the material that you wish to transport. If necessary, this type of conveyor can also be enclosed and supplied with loading and unloading chute, as well as equipped with wear protection, walkways and platforms.

Enclosure: Roof, side and bottom enclosure
Walkway: Walkway in expanded metal mesh, grating or plastic
Service platform: Adapted according to solution, usually three sides
Inspection hatches: Adapted according to solution, e.g. conventional or transparent hatch
  • Limestone
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Salt
  • Coal
  • Crushed rock
  • Fertiliser
  • Waste
  • Wood chips
  • Slag
  • Grain
  • Gypsum
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The best solutions are produced when we think holistically

Our system of belt conveyors and other components enables us to tailor a solution for your specific plant and the material you are going to transport. Get in touch and we can provide an optimum solution for your transportation.