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Chain conveyors

A chain conveyor is a construction that uses chains and slats to scrape the material forward. Chain conveyors are also called scrape conveyors. Our chain conveyors are usually units in a larger installation. They can be adapted to your needs and are supplied in a large range of designs.

The chain conveyors, just like the screw conveyors, are covered to minimise dust. And to reduce noise and wear on the chain, the bottom plate can be equipped with wear plastic.

Chain conveyors consume more energy and need more maintenance in comparison with belt conveyors, but their construction can be an advantage in transporting, for example, materials that produce dust.

Loading and discharge: Increased number of loading and discharge zones are facilitated as this design does not have a belt, enabling flexible positioning of these zones.
Inspection hatches: Adapted according to solution, e.g. conventional or transparent hatch.
Overload protection
  • Wood chips
  • Wood shavings
  • Biomass
  • Cement
  • Salt
  • Limestone
  • Waste
  • Slag
  • Grain
  • Gypsum
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The best solutions are produced when we think holistically

Our system of belt conveyors and other components enables us to tailor a solution for your specific plant and the material you are going to transport. Get in touch and we can provide an optimum solution for your transportation.