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Do you need to increase the capacity in your plant or replace obsolete equipment, or do you have a new project in progress where you need to move bulk material in your production?

Kellve gives you a secure partner that produces tailored solutions to transport your dry bulk material. A partner that knows what works in practice and has the overall picture and operational reliability in focus. We construct complete installations with the units that are needed in order to create a continuous flow of material to your processes.

Kellve has been constructing belt conveyors and transport solutions for bulk material handling since 1957 and has delivered more than 19,000 units.

Tailored solutions according to your plant’s needs

We deliver tailored solutions that suit the specific needs that exist in your plant and the material that you will be transporting. An installation from us consists of belt conveyors and other machinery that are combined in systems to optimally transport your material.

The market’s most complete range

We develop and produce a large proportion of the mechanical equipment ourselves. Together with qualitative machinery from external manufacturers, this gives us one of the market’s most complete ranges.

Products and spare parts

We can produce a wide selection of conveyors and other machinery that are used in transport of bulk material, such as belt feeders, elevators and boat loaders. Furthermore, when something goes wrong in your plant, we have spare parts, components and wear parts for the most commonly occurring machinery in the market.

Specialist knowledge and many years of experience

Our employees have specialist knowledge and many years of experience, which ensures the quality when we manufacture products and when we work on site with you. We have the capacity to handle large and small projects in most phases within bulk- and material handling.

From planning to installation and commissioning

We are happy to assist you throughout the entire the investment process, from planning and design to production and installation, as well as commissioning. We can thus ensure that the different machinery for your project is integrated optimally in your plant. If you need individual machines for your plant, we can also help with that.

Our assignments include:

  • Analyses and investigations
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Product development
  • Dimensioning
  • Documentation
  • Training

Well-equipped workshop

Besides knowledgeable employees, we also have excellent mechanical and material resources. Our modern, well-equipped workshop has all the processes required to be able to provide you with a top quality delivery.

Cost-effective and reliable solutions to ensure your production

Over the years, the solutions we have delivered have proven to be very reliable and safe. We always pre-assemble our machinery in our workshop, which means that assembly on site in your plant proceeds much more quickly. Everything to ensure that you achieve production capacity as quickly as possible. It goes without saying that if you experience a breakdown, we are available for service and to provide spare parts.

Would you like to find out more about how we can help you with your transportation at Kellve? Contact us today!

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